Thursday, August 23, 2007

A helpful reader sent me a link to e-petitions, which I forwarded to the organising committee and thus:

"Hi All

We need your help in signing this e-petition (see the link below) in order to rectify a wrong in Qld with the increase of intercountry adoption fees. We would very much appreciate your help in our quest to have these fees kept in line with CPI (2.5%) and not as a cost recovery exercise by the government.

Once again the Queensland government is making it difficult for couples wishing to adopt from overseas. They are proposing to increase the fees paid to Adoption Qld by 250% to over $5000.00. Below are a few reasons for our concerns

Local adoption costs $500 - intercountry over $5000.00 because the Qld government say they have no responsibility to overseas children or families wanting to adopt from overseas.
This increase is pure cost recovery - there will be no increase in service or post adoption services put in place for our adopted children
No other government department does this kind of cost recovery.
They state this increase won't affect families as adoption is expensive anyway. Some families will not be able to adopt as it is getting too expensive.
Why are we being discriminated against???
Below is a link to an e-petition we have set up with the help of Pat Purcell. If you have not already signed a paper copy of the petition that has been circulating in recent weeks, please follow the link below and these 5 easy steps:

Yes - you want to sign petition
accept conditions
write down number -continue
fill in details including number from previous page
Thank you for taking the time to do this if you have already signed a paper petition on this issue please do not sign the e-petition

Thank you for your help & if anyone on your email list would like to help please pass it on – the more signatures we can collect the more convincing will be our protest!

Please feel free to circulate this to anyone --- anywhere in Australia.

Many thanks

Mark & Sharon

President & Vice President

IAFQ Committee"

You have to be a voter in Queensland to be able to sign this petition. Please send onto anyone you know who you think may be supportive.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

More Trixi...

The old fashioned way...

My baby sister had a baby of her own yesterday. Trixi Emilia Jayne was born at 4.45am by emergency caesarian. It's amazing how few hours of labour Jen had to go through before she acknowledged that adoption looked pretty bloody good in future :).

Trixi is a delightful little creature. I hope that she will have little sister or brother around the same age as our China Girl. Otherwise she can be the extremely cool older cousin that Gemma is going to be to Trixi.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Queensland Government is planning to increase the cost of International adoption by 250%. Given that it's already an incredibly expensive business, and most of us are not Angelina Jolie or Madonna, this seems a bit unfair.

I could get pregnant and give birth in the public system without paying a cent and that would cost the government thousands of dollars.

Here is an extract from an email from the IAFQ (International Adoptive Families of Queensland.)

1/ The department is planning to increase assessment fees by 250% for intercountry adoption assessments to $5060 on 14 October. There is no fee increase planned for local adoption assessments which remain at $486.30. We are being discriminated against because the Department don’t view intercountry adoption as their “core business”.

2/ No one else will benefit other than the Government. This extra revenue will not be channelled into better post-adoption services or efficiency gains - it will be removed from the operating budget for the next year.

3/ Our community is being punished for not taking up fostering. Increasing our fees is a deliberate ploy to play to a group who are so heavily emotionally invested that they will do anything or pay anything to complete their families.

4/ We are not rich people, many people will be tipped out of the process by this increase in fees. Despite the Government playing the emotional card we all have a finite amount of money.

If you are interested in signing a petition to be tabled in parliament, please email me on and I will send it over to you.