Thursday, May 24, 2007

Interview no. 2 was last Sunday. Once again, it went very smoothly. We talked about our childhoods, the way we were raised and the way we parent our children. She also had a chat with the kids, who both told her they were a little bit concerned about getting Mum & Dad's attention once the baby arrives. That sounds pretty much to be expected. Plus, I think we have prepared them so much for attachment issues, that they thought it would be a few months before they would be allowed to pick the baby up! I had to explain, no it might only be a few days, she will just have to get used to Mum & Dad first.

Next week we will talk to her individually. Scott thinks she will ask us about our sex lives and I really don't want to have that conversation. He, like all men, thinks that something must be wrong if we are not swinging from the chandeliers on a regular basis. I think it's perfectly normal for the woman in the relationship to go "oh chandeliers... now I have to clean them..."

Thursday, May 10, 2007

PS Not only did I not clean up a thing, she arrived early so I had only just arrived home and hadn't even finished cleaning up the kitchen from breakfast. Let me assure you, she didn't even blink at the mess. She said she couldn't care less and I believed her. Even when she sat on the couch and got one of Ben's toys in her bottom.
It went well. She was really nice and it was really comfortable. Luckily, some of the issues that have to be covered don't apply to us (dealing with infertility, knowledge of parenting) so we may be able to get through our interviews a bit more quickly than some other waiting parents. This interview was only about an hour and was just an introduction. Next interview is 20 May and will be a half day.

The only issues we may have today is that our house might not pass the safety test. We are not fenced down one side and we might need to have that fenced before we can be approved. We have a high hedge though, and hopefully that will be enough. Also, we may have to move a low shelf in our bathroom and put a lock on the shed. These are all things that we have never worried about but the social worker has to dot every i and cross every t.