Saturday, June 07, 2008


It looks like referrals are coming shortly. The rumour is that the cut off date is 22 January 2006. That's 10 days allocated - the previous allocation was only 3 days. According to my spreadsheet, at this new quicker pace, it will be only 7 years until we see the Panda.

Oddly enough, 7 years sounds like good news at this point.


Fionn said...

Maybe the holidays slowed down the last batch??

Fattyboombas said...

That might be a little too long for me to keep my milk in, it'll be more yoghurt by then!! Of course I may still be going with my youngest by then, if I have four we should be okay. Oh God, that means I will have been bf for 8 years, they will be down to my ankles!! I will definately be getting a boob job!